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Split Drive Anchors

The split drive anchor can be used in concrete, hard masonry can stone. Made of high grade steel with a memory, these anchors are easily hammered into a predrilled hole, when hammeered the anchor exerts tremendous outward force on the inner wall of the hole, creating a secure fastening.

Installation Innstructions
  • 1. Determine old depth by adding approximately 1" to the required anchor embedment, choose a carbide tipped drill bit with the same diameter as the anchor body.
  • 2. Clean out dust and debris from the hole with blow out bulb or compressed air.
  • 3. Insert split drive anchor into the hole and hammer it flush to the surface.
  • Note: Drilling hole depth 1/4" greater than the over all anchor length allows the split anchor to be hammered flush with the surface if the fixture is removed.

Packed 100 per box

Jim C. Howe Fastener

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